afas inspireert beter ondernemen

We are very happy to tell you that AFAS software will be our main sponsor for the first ‘wave’.

Da Vinci theatre

bas van der veldt AFAS softwareBas van der Veldt, CEO of AFAS spontaneously offered us the use of the Da Vinci theatre in his head office in Leusden, Netherlands. This is the first of many ‘waves’ throughout the world that will bring women and entrepreneurs together in connecting, sharing and building new initiatives together.

Speaker no. 1

Bas will also be one of our speakers. He is a true entrepreneur, who has a refreshing way of working with his team. He will share his vision with us and will definitely be someone who will challenge his audience to think and act differently.  His reflection towards his audience and himself, his revolutionary vision of the future he doesn’t always walk the easy roads in the areas of ICT, Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP), Marketing, E-HRM, Innovation and Leadership.

His biggest secret: he is 1/2 robot, 1/3 human and 1/3 alien.

One of his favorite songs: [youtube v=Y66j_BUCBMY]

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