A warm welcome to Hala Abou Saad, ambassador for Qatar

Hala Abou Saad - QatarHala Abou Saad is born on 28th September 1981 in Al Khobar KSA before her parents relocated back to Lebanon. When she got married in 2005 she moved with her husband to Dubai for two years and then to Qatar until date.

Hala earned a B.A. in Education from the Lebanese University. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Qatar University. She is willing to pursue a PhD in Education.


Despite being career-oriented, she always likes to present herself as a mum for three children (Julia, Eva and Jude). She considers family is everything and a mum is a lifelong dedicated cool job. Nonetheless being passionate about preparing the youth generation to face rapid life demands, she is a Senior Parent Program Specialist. She is also a certified trainer for Media Literacy and Information Program that enables young generation to be media critics.

She is an experienced freelance TV anchor, journalist and a producer for 10 years between Beirut, Dubai and Qatar.  In memory of her niece Angela (18 years) who passed away in a tragic car accident in May 2015, Hala wrote a multilingual series of children’s stories inspired by Angela’s character.

She is passionate about women rights and the obstacles that come in the way. Hala has attended and volunteered in plenty of conferences related to business women and women organizations in Qatar.

Why Female Wave of Change?

Hala Abou Saad fully and heartily supports Female Wave of Change because she believes that women can take the lead and run their world in a better way with effective contributions earning the society appreciation and respect.


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