We welcome ambassador Manizha Paktin for Afghanistan

Manizha Paktin Ambassador AghanistanManizha Paktin is professor at Balkh University, engineering faculty, civil department. She is teaching management, planning and technology of construction at faculty since 2005. She is Director of Rad Constructional Company (RCC) since 2006 and she is consultant in civil engineering on construction projects; constructing private houses, hotels, clinics, bridge and schools in more then 25 provinces. She is providing drawings, designs, estimations all required technical drawings.

She is founder of organization Stand Up For Afghan Academic Women Organization (SAAWO) active in more than 15 provinces of since 2013 in Afghanistan. She is program coordinator in the northern part of Afghanistan, Afghan leader women network economic development and Rising Afghan Women Leaders Initiative program (RAWLI).

She has a masters degree in management, planning and construction.

She has a M.T.S. in construction management and planning. Now she is studying her PhD in Civil Engineering.

Manizha Paktin will be attending the 10th Annual IWEC Conference, held on Nov. 12-14th in Redmond, Washington, to accept her award first time from Afghanistan.

Why Female Wave of Change?

Manizha Paktin: “The solidarity of the women in the world can make the root of humanity stronger, women are creative and capable. The women’s are the core of society which generates generations. We have to help other women to get higher up and stand up too, so as a whole we benefit. Gone are the days where you fight to the top, bashing all other competition out of the way.”

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