We welcome Nour Moghrabi, ambassador for Jordan

Nour Moghradi - JordanNour Moghrabi is a dreamer in a region of turbulence and believer in a better future for all. Women’s and men’s participation in economic activities is crucial to the development of societies.

Dreamer & Believer

Women tend to participate less in the formal sector, making them less able to play a significant role in economic growth. She is an expert in designing and implementing programs for economic integration of women and youth. Furthermore she is trainer in gender awareness and gender responsive budgeting in the public sector and civil society. Noer Moghrabi is a professional in managing public and partners relations and communication. She is also founding member of Ana Hunna International network for Women and Work.

Why Female Wave of Change?

Nour Moghrabi: “I believe that women can and should bring positive change to a troubled world. Every day through my work and personal life I meet inspiring women who are full of creativity and passion that can turn the world around. I support FWoC because it helps bring these forward looking women together and achieve much needed change using technology-based and face to face formats.”

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