Meet our ambassador Shad Begum Paktin for Pakistan

Shad Begum ambassador Pakistan

Deeply influenced by the social inequalities around her and inspired by her father’s social work in her early age, Shad Begum would become a known figure nationally and internationally. Because of her determined struggle to improve the conditions of the marginalized segments, especially women, of her community in the northwest of Pakistan – a deeply religious and conservative area where Taliban publicly executed men and women on non-conformity to their version of Islam.

Association for Behavior & Knowledge Transformation

Shad Begum is the founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Association for Behavior & Knowledge Transformation (ABKT). This is an organization working towards the economic and political empowerment of communities in underserved areas of Pakistan. Her organization is uprooted during the Taliban take-over in Swat due to massive displacement of people in 2009-2010. Her resilience kept ABKT alive during enormous odds.

International Woman of Courage Award

Shad Begum previously worked with the UN Human Settlements Program as a consultant for the “Building Gender Ladder Project,” as well as with UNDP’s Women Political Participation Program.

To encourage women at the grassroots level, Shad Begum contested local elections in 2001 as an independent candidate and served as councilor for five years in Dir Lower.

Shad Begum is Ashoka fellow, Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow at National Endowment for Democracy and Acumen Fellow. Shad is also the recipient of numerous awards. This includes the U.S. Department of State’s “International Woman of Courage Award” (2012) and the “Prize for Creativity in Rural Life,” awarded by the Women’s World Summit Foundation (2008).

Create real impact

“I support FWoC because I believe that women issues are global issues. Until and unless we women around the world will not come together, we cannot create a real impact on the larger scale. FWoC is playing a vital role in bringing women together around the world, to share, reflect, learn and formulate their strategies not only to continue their struggle but also to inspire every human being around the world to understand and own the women empowerment agenda. I am overwhelmed to join FWoC to work together with well-accomplished women leaders around the globe to make this world a better place to live.”


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