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Vlog Lieke Lamb – Speaker

Vlog Lieke Lamb Lieke Lamb is keynote speaker, advisor and writer on future scenario’s, innovation, education. She also speaks about autism related problems and the future of women: gender related issues. Co-author of ‘Your Future’​. Lieke is co-founder of Trendwatcher.com with a focus on Future Scenarios, Converging technologies, Innovation, Education, Autism en Feminism. From the moment we […]

Vlog Heiske Nonnekes – Speaker

Vlog Heiske Nonnekes Heiske Nonnekes is the Organizational Futurist of Tomorrow’s Leadership, a company that supports organizations to be more Future Proof. She has experience in the areas of Strategy Development, Transformations and Operational Excellence with various Fortune 500 companies. As Organizational Futurist she creates awareness about the worlds changing environment. As Organizational Futurist she […]

Vlog Nienke van Bezooijen FWoC ambassador

Nienke van Bezooijen’s vlog As Master Speaker Coach Nienke van Bezooijen is an expert on helping people to find and develop their voice for change the feminine way. I’m not stepping in to test the waters, I’m here to create waves…. even if it takes one drop at the time. View Nienke’s vlog and listen […]

Vlog Saskia Harkema FWoC ambassador

Saskia Harkema’s vlog Are you ready to tap into a more female approach in society? View Saskia Harkema’s vlog and listen why she has decided to be part of the Female Wave of Change Foundation as an ambassador. Saskia will also be part of the expert leadership panel at the Global Kick-Off Wave on September […]

Vlog Bonnie Fatio FWoC ambassador

Bonnie Fatio’s vlog A very invitational vlog of Bonnie Fatio. She makes a great comparison towards wavemaking and also why she is so excited to be an ambassador. We are honored that she is connected to our foundation because she has a longterm background in mentoring and leadership. She is looking forward to meet you […]

Vlog Ingun Bol

Our first vlog Female Wave of Change is planning to share more information, knowledge and experience with you via a vlog. In the coming weeks you will see vlogs of our ambassadors, board members and wavemakers to start with. If you are interested in vlogging for our foundation, just send us a vlog and we […]

Public Speaking with Nienke van Bezooijen

Public Speaking made easy with Nienke van Bezooijen Female Wave of Change presents Nienke van Bezooijen, an expert on public speaking. She has coached many people who presented themselves on the TEDx Stage. Developed her own E.A.S.E. concept. Well…watch…listen and learn how you can be Energized, Authentic, Skilled and Engaged on Stage!

Online wave with Janneke Nijboer

Compassion with Janneke Nijboer Online Wave hosted by Female Wave of Change with guest speaker Janneke Nijboer on Compassion and Empathy. For this webinar Janneke has been inspired by the work and books of Karen Armstrong.

Online Wave with Ineke Hurkmans

Jump! with Ineke Hurkmans Female Wave of Change presents Ineke Hurkmams, Founder Jump Movement Very inspiring webinar about starting that worldwide movement with a very simple idea. By now 73.000 people in 12 countries did a JUMP!

Online Wave Claudia De Castro Caldeirinha

Meet Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha Female Wave of Change Ambassador Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha is an expert on Leadership and publishing September 2017 a new book on Leadership. Claudia is our keynote speaker during this webinar and she will talk about Authority, Power and Decision to Lead.