Female Wave of Change is very excited to announce that Claudia de Castro Caldeirinha will be FWoC Ambassador!

Gender issues and Women empowerment

Claudia De Castro CaldeirinhaClaudia has been working on gender issues and women’s empowerment for the past 20 years and is the Founder and Executive Director of FairConsultancy. Through her company, Claudia currently acts as senior adviser on leadership and gender equality and provides strategic and operational advice and support to multilateral and international organizations, private and public companies, and non-profit organizations to develop their leadership, gender diversity strategies, women’s leadership programs and overall organizational development plans. Previous and current partners and clients include the European Commission, UN agencies like the UNDP and the IOM, the OSCE, the George Soros Foundation, the Club of Madrid, Freedom House, ING Bank, GreenHouse and Demos Group, among many others.

“Women Leading the Way in Brussels”

Claudia is currently co-authoring “Women Leading the Way in Brussels” with Corinna Horst (John Harper Publishing, expected spring 2017), a book collecting the stories of inspirational women role models; providing advice and “Dos and don’ts” for women leaders-to-be in different professional sectors; and a map of the key initiatives and structures in Brussels which connect and support these aspiring women.

European Commission and United Nations

Claudia speaks at various public events in Brussels and abroad (e.g. at the European Commission, the European Parliament, EU Delegations and Member States Representations, United Nations). She developed leadership modules in numerous universities in Europe, including the Leadership stream of the Lisbon MBA and the Post-Graduate Training for future leaders of University of Roma Tor Vergata. She has a master in international politics and gender studies, and completed three years PhD studies in EU affairs and strategy, and is a certified coach and mentor with a focus on leadership development. She is an active Member of the International Leadership Association.

Women leaders and Women leaders-to-be

Her 20 years international – cross-cultural and cross-sectoral – experience have enabled her to develop a unique multidisciplinary approach which gives her unusual versatility, flexibility and effectiveness. Over the years, Claudia’s work has been led by her wish to make a concrete difference in other people’s lives, in the organizations in which they work and within the communities and societies they belong to. Among others, Claudia does this by advising, lecturing, facilitating, training and coaching leaders and leaders-to-be. Claudia especially enjoys working with women leaders and women leaders-to-be, as she deeply believes the world need these women’s skills and talents to overcome the many challenges of today’s reality.

More equal and fair world for her son

Clients value Claudia’s enthusiasm, strategic vision, emotional intelligence, results-orientation, creative “out of the box” solutions, and the capacity to connect multiple/different “dots” to find tailored innovative solutions that work. She works in five languages (EN, FR, PT, ES, IT). She is Portuguese (born in East Timor) and mother of a lovely boy, whom she hopes will live in a more equal and fair world.

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