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Online Wave – The Voice of Leadership

18 September 2017 @ 13:30 - 14:30

- Free
Sally Mabelle - voice of leadership

Online Wave – The Voice of Leadership with Sally Mabelle

Sally Mabelle - voice of leadership

We are very exited to invite you to attend our first Online Wave coming live from Singapore with our host Gerry Ang and guest speaker Sally Mabelle from New Zealand!

Express your Voice of Leadership

We all recognise a strong voice and presence when we see it. Someone walks into the room and owns the space. When they speak, people respond. Personal presence helps you to gain a promotion, garner support for your ideas and projects, or lead your team and organisation through change.

Executive Presence is not some mysterious, undefinable charisma. It involves a set of skills that you can develop. Learning how to empower your authentic voice impacts your own self-image and your potential power to affect others positively and influence change.
Many of us have held back our full voice for fear of rejection, criticism, or backlash. Are you still blocking your full voice in some way?

In this interactive presentation, you gain practical techniques to present yourself with confidence and authority. You learn how to project assertiveness in your voice and to build your credibility with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients.
When finding your voice of leadership, you free your creative confidence, energy, and motivation to move forward in your life and work.

About the facilitator

Sally Mabelle is the author of the recently published book: The Voice of Leadership: Six Keys to Presence, Influence and Creative Confidence. She is also an award winning speaker, mentor and facilitator and New Zealand’s leading authority on “The Voice of Leadership” with 25+ years professional experience. She combines her background in Communication, Education and Psychology with her extensive stage experience in creating an inspiring and engaging environment for people to strengthen their presence, influence, and creative confidence.

For more information, see sallymabelle.com

“Sally is a highly engaging and motivational facilitator. Participants who attend her course (at the University of Auckland) often comment on her inspiring, interactive and practical approach. They always feel a huge increase in self-confidence on completion of the course.
— Anne Cave, Former Programme Director, Professional Development Series, CCE, University of Auckland

Online Waves

Female Wave of Change Foundation organizes online waves every 2 weeks. Online waves are webinars to meet & greet each other, start up initiatives and inspire women around the world.

Prior to the big kick off event in the Netherlands September 2017, we present online and offline waves to start reaching out to our followers.

Local wavemakers organise the offline waves in the spirit of Female Wave of Change. To connect, share and start new initiatives.

FWoC team member (board member, ambassador, specialist wave maker, online wave maker, …) organise online wave to

  • reach out to our international followers
  • connect
  • create awareness
  • really start getting the FWoC feeling out there and start igniting that wave of new initiatives

It is important to register, availability is limited.





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