Jump Movement

Female Wave of Change is very excited to announce a Global Partnership with Jump Movement.

Female Wave of Change is very excited that Jump Movement, represented by founder Ineke Hurkmans, and Female Wave of Change, represented by founder and board member Ingun Bol, have agreed that a partnership will be of interest to both organizations.

In exchange to be able to reach out to a global network of women, Jump Movement has agreed that Female Wave of Change and her Ambassadors, (Specialist) Wavemakers, Board members, and women around the world will be able to use the Jump Movement method. A method to support women (and men) to take the next step in their life with this simple but very effective 7 step concept. It can be used (app or paper documents) in the communities, local events or online groups. People who are about to participate in a Jump Movement conversation will register on the Jump Movement website so Jump Movement can keep track how many people worldwide enjoy the experience.

Jump App

The Jump App is downloadable for free by all participants and is available in English or Dutch. The paper version of Jump is available in 8 different languages.


Women around the world will be given the opportunity to become a Jumpstarter; a great opportunity to add a successful tool to their business. This online program will be made available to the Female Wave of Change women for a special price.

Almost 80.000 Jumps

In the past 7 years almost 80.000 women and men worldwide have already made a Jump and took the next step towards their future.

We are sure Jump Movement is going to be part of many Female Wave of Change events around the globe in the years to come. Let’s create those waves of women using Jump to take the next step in their life!

“Female Wave of Change believes that by closing partnerships with other organizations, we will all become stronger and will be able to uplift each other in a way that is of interest to the women who are part of the FWoC Movement.”

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