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Ambassador Dr. Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy – Saudi Arabia

Female Wave of Change is very honored to introduce our Ambassador in Saudi Arabia Dr. Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy

Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy

Professor Molecular Genetics

Dr. Rowdy Nawwaf Al-Harithy is a professor of Molecular Genetics at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in Saudi Arabia. She works with postgraduate students to understand the causes of diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Dr. Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy received her Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University, USA and her PhD from Sussex University, Brighton, UK. Prior to joining KAU, Prof. Al-Harithy was a Research Associate in a Molecular Genetic laboratory at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, from 1984-1995.

Women development

For the last 34 years, through Dr. Rowdy’s work in research, administrating and teaching in governmental institutes she had the opportunity to strengthen her own skills as well as support other women around her from students and young administrators to assistant professors and colleague professors.

Role model for her 3 daughters

No doubt her inspiring strength propelled from her workplace to her own home. She raised three daughters. All have fled the nest now with a clear vision, plan and dream. The older daughter, Rayya, graduated from St Andrews and Manchester University in the UK, she is now working as an anesthetist. Rowyda’s second daughter, Ruba, graduated from Duke University and is currently working as a lawyer at White and Case International Law firm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Rana, her youngest daughter, is majoring in system engineering at UNCC, USA and is expected to graduate in May 2018. Rana is planning to do her master’s degree at Northwestern University in Chicago. Rowyda is waiting for them to come home with experiences that she cannot match and victories that she is proud of.

Middle East

Dr. Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy will be part of our Middle East Ambassadors Team led by Roula Eid Sawan in Lebanon. We are very excited that we have such a powerful team of women in this part of the world where women are the catalysts for change.

Create real impact

I believe that women can take the lead and change the world to a better way. I joined Female Wave of Change to support women in general and the youth in Saudi Arabia in particular. Supporting females to face the rapid changes currently happening in our social life and overcome obstacles including media critics.

Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”.

Women have to be truly confident of their strong ability to resist and ignore difficulties with love; and support each other by listening, exchanging knowledge and experiences. To see such empowerment gives me great satisfaction.”


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