Cordelia Henry joins Female Wave of Change as Specialist Wavemaker

Cordelia Henry is Founder of Pearlescence Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. With over 32 years of experience in retail finance for blue chip financial institutions in London, Asia and the Middle East, Cordelia provided solutions for an array of clients. She learned that many business owners lacked the skills of how to acquire new clients. Cordelia realised that filling this gap was where her true calling lay.

Empower people and organizations

Cordelia works with organizations that want to increase sales revenue or enhance the skills of their female workforce. She also works with individual women by showing them how to either enhance their career prospects in the corporate world or dramatically increase their business profits as entrepreneurs.


Cordelia Henry is the founder of Pearlescence, a community where female entrepreneurs & corporate professionals can find inspiration, encouragement and support to lead spectacular lives, through the power of a network. She uses her skills as a mentor & coach to empower her clients to replace self-defeating traits with effective skills and create amazing business relationships.

Connecting with people

Combining these skills, Cordelia has a gift of connecting with people at an emotional and rational level. She is a confident speaker, facilitator and advocator of how to network effectively.


Topics that Cordelia Henry likes to speak about: Cordelia enjoys public speaking as she has a unique way of opening the hearts and minds of the listeners to all the possibilities of building authentic relationships and creating deep, diverse and rich networks. There are many topics she likes to speak about, which be designed based on bespoke requirements. For instance: How to develop a sales personality / The secret to increased sales: know your customer / The art of getting people to buy from you / How to create instant connection & influence with total strangers / How to remove self doubt and increase self-confidence / Feminine Leadership: Assessing Self Confidence & Getting Out of Your Own Way.

We welcome Cordelia as our Specialist Wavemaker!
Let’s create waves!


Jennifer Camron joins the Board of Female Wave of Change

“I believe in the Female Wave of Change because it’s a movement that can really change lives in combining forces to create a better world and to have our voices heard.


Board member Jennifer Camron

“It’s my passion to create a better world by:

Sharing knowledge

Living your purpose

Financial Independence


I believe in me, I believe in you, I believe in the FWOC!”


Jennifer Camron our new board member of Female Wave of Change

Jennifer Camron

Board member Female Wave of Change

My name is Jennifer Camron, I’m a mother of a beautiful 10 year old son and also a board member of the FWOC. I live in Almere in the Netherlands. I am 43 years old and have 2 companies. I am a professional business coach and proud owner of a recruitment agency. I started my first company when I was thirty. My wish was to be completely independent. Hard work is needed to achieve your goal. But enjoying life also. If I can combine them together, I feel great!

In my life there were 2 important and strong women: my grandmothers! They have shown me the beauty how to become an independent strong woman, caring, and they have also shown me the beauty how to always try to think in solutions.

I believe in the FWOC because it’s a movement that can really change lives in combining forces to create a better world and to have our voices heard.

It’s my passion to create a better world by:

Sharing knowledge

Living your purpose

Financial Independence


I believe in me, I believe in you, I believe in the FWOC!

Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame Specialist Wavemaker Female Wave of Change: “Change is Opportunity”

Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame

“Change is Opportunity”

Female Wave of Change is excited to welcome Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame is Specialist Wavemaker. Yvonne will also be part of our global Circle of Wise Women and was already Keynote Speaker at the official launch of Female Wave of Change in South Africa on March 24.

Read mam Yvonne’s impression about Female Wave of Change:

“The Wave of Change has come to your shores, don’t miss the opportunity to explore your wildest dreams and live your best life right now. The Female Wave of Change is a global platform that connects women from diverse walks of life. The wave creates excellent opportunities that women can tap into to share wisdom, knowledge, skills, experiences and stories of hope that will build bridges and inspire women to take charge and lead the change they want to see.

I am honored and excited to be part of this life-changing journey. The Female Wave of Change vision resonates deeply with my values and my life purpose to Teach, Inspire, Mentor and Engage women who desire to build a better world for this generation and the next. Count on me! I am committed, willing and ready to serve.

Come! Let’s ride on the wave of change together. If not now when? If not you and me, then who?

Be part of this spectacular transformational journey and enjoy invaluable growth and opportunity to live your authentic self:  JUST BE, relish your best life, face your fears with courage and stand for something bigger than yourself!

You are Great in spite your challenges. The world can’t wait to Experience Your Feminine Energy and Greatness. Take the first step by riding the Wave of change.

Ride The Wave!”

Be the One. Bring the Change.

Yvonne Busisiwe Kgame  – 6 April 2018

Annalie Killian Specialist Wavemaker Female Wave of Change

Annalie Killian

Female Wave of Change is very excited to welcome Annalie Killian as Specialist Wavemaker. Annalie will also be part of our global Female Wave of Change Circle of Wise Women.

Transformation Strategist

Annalie is an internationally experienced transformation strategist who has led insight-driven innovation and organizational change at scale on 3 continents. She has extensive experience in influencing stakeholders and executive leadership in complex global environments, across a range of industry sectors, to shape the future.

As Director of Human Networks at Foresight & Culture Advisors, sparks & honey in New York, she leads Strategic Partnerships and is scaling global intelligence and creativity through open collaborative communities and distributed trust systems. Previously, as Director of Innovation at AMP Limited, she architected the corporate innovation eco-system and founded the Amplify Festival which she grew into Australia’s largest business innovation and learning platform.

Whilst heading up Public Affairs for BHP-Billiton in South Africa, she saw the urgency of accelerating opportunities for people left behind under Apartheid and built a coalition of industry and community leaders and, as CEO, led the Zululand Chamber of Business Foundation in deploying innovative approaches to rapidly scale new infrastructure, community empowerment, education, health services and an entrepreneurship eco-system.

Disruptive trends combined with creative problem solving

Annalie’s special gift is combining disruptive trends (cultural, technological, market) and applying insight and creative problem-solving to drive strategic change, design engaging customer experiences, craft powerful narratives that inspire constituents and mobilize employee passion.

She leverages her vast global network of game-changers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to remain constantly informed and connected to the edge.

Annalie Killian is sought out as a speaker (including TEDx) and a board member.  She has been both an entrepreneur and a social intrapreneur and serves on numerous Advisory Boards for both established businesses and start-ups, and is the Global Ambassador for In-Q Innovation, a global incubator and accelerator with operations in Australia, India and MENA.

Single mother and role model

She has raised two intrepid daughters as a single parent and nothing gives her greater pleasure than discovering our beautiful planet with them as travel companions. She is also about cats and her Zulu nickname is testament to rescuing hundreds of stray cats since she was a little girl.

Female Wave of Change

“I believe in Female Wave of Change because in the VUCA World  (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) we are living in, the traditional masculine archetype of leadership, including female leaders molded in this template, no longer fits the circumstances of an environmentally degraded and exploited planet, increasingly polarized societies, and eroded trust in everything from corporations to government. The feminine archetype of leadership that nurtures the long-term; that looks at the whole, sees complex systems and seeks patterns to make sense and find a path; that understands the essence, the environment and the emotion not just the facts; that integrates feeling and intuition with thinking and reason to inspire and catalyze personal agency; and that acts from a place of learning rather than knowing is better adapted to a VUCA world. This is the Female Wave of Change the world needs.”

We welcome you on board Annalie and let’s create some waves!


Listed among Australia’s 20 Top Women in Marketing (2017), Power 50 Social Media Influencers and LinkedIn’s 10 most influential marketers. Frequent keynote speaker including TEDx.

Boards & Fellowships

Aspen Institute, First Movers Fellow, NYC Convener

Board of Advisors Constellation Research Group, The Social Index, and InQ (Accelerator in India & Australia)

Mentor at the Founders Institute New York

Board of (NYC)


Female Wave of Change is very excited to announce a Global Partnership with Inspired Women Lead (IWL)

Female Wave of Change believes that by closing partnerships with other organizations, we will all become stronger and will be able to uplift each other in a way that is of interest to the women who are part of the FWoC Movement.

We are very excited that Inspired Women Lead (IWL), represented by founder and president Bonnie Fatio, and Female Wave of Change, represented by founder and board member Ingun Bol, have agreed that a partnership will be of interest to both organizations.

In exchange to be able to reach out to a global network of women IWL and FWoC have agreed that Female Wave of Change and her Ambassadors, (Specialist) Wavemakers, Board members, and women around the world will be able to apply to the IWL Mentoring Program. This is provided they meet the criteria of a maximum of 5 women into each mentoring program (of which a new one starts every 6 months), coming from the 5 different continents. When space is available and criteria are met, IWL can accept more than 5 women into a program.

Mentoring women cross-culturally to lead globally

Inspired Women Lead mentors women who desire to make a difference in the world and who are ready to discover their own authentic feminine leadership. The mentoring is free and at the end of the program women feel more empowered as a woman leader and will be able to then mentor a woman from another country and culture. The world needs a new form of leadership, one that does not put you into a box and demand that you model a style that is not yours.

It is time for authentic, feminine leadership that is defined by the unique qualities, skills and experience of the individual leader. Feminine to complement the masculine.

Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women

IWL will help you discover and define your unique leadership. Go to our website to get in touch.

We are sure IWL will inspire many Female Wave of Change women around the globe in the years to come. Let’s create those waves with women using IWL to take the next step in their life!

Alice Mpofu-Coles is specialist Wavemaker Refugees

Alice Mpofu

Female Wave of Change is very excited to announce Alice Mpofu – Coles accepted the role as Specialist Wavemaker for Refugees. The challenges for refugees are worldwide issues. Alice will be building bridges between women within the Female Wave of Change movement who are refugees or working with this special group anywhere in the world. Alice will start of a Mastermind group with these women, creating awareness, exchanging ideas and experience.


Alice Mpofu-Coles (nee Chigumira) was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in a family of four boys and is now the only surviving member of the family.

She joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and her first diplomatic posting was in the former Yugoslavia.  Alice was at that time presented with an award by President Chissano of Mozambique for writing in a competition about working in an office with culturally diverse communities. This was achieved while working as a diplomat for the Zimbabwean Government in Mozambique. On returning home she co-founded the first National Secretaries Training Convention in Zimbabwe. She facilitated training for front-line employers, presented talks and was given a Kruger gold coin for her talk on communication with diverse cultures.

Refugee issues

Alice Mpofu-Coles arrived in the UK in 2002 from Zimbabwe. For the past 15 years she has dedicated most of her time on refugee issues.  She volunteered at the Reading Refugee Support Group both as vice-chair and chair. She helps advocate and portray a more positive image of refugees by participating in numerous projects; one of which was to co-start the Zimbabwe Community Groups.  Some of the projects she has been involved in are the football for refugees – bringing communities together. She was awarded an Honorary Master of The Open University for advocating for refugees, services to the public and community. She has taken part in a BBC television documentary and regularly interviews on the plight of refugees, poverty and women. Alice also speaks at events and conferences. She furthers her activism by being actively involved with different organisations in promoting human rights and her unequivocal support to protect the human.

Alices Mpofu

Education is Powerful

“You can lose everything in your life, but no one can take away your knowledge; that’s what makes education so powerful.”

Alice studied Social Work and has an MA in International Relations which she achieved while battling breast cancer. She studied Migration at Oxford University and is currently studying for a PhD at the University of Reading researching the identities, resilience, wellbeing and transnational activities of young people who came to the UK as refugees. She is currently putting some of her life resilience story in writing as a book after losing 7 members of her family inspired by the implausible poem “HOME” – what is a home?. She enjoys reading books and believes that one book a month is the true essence to knowledge.

Why Female Wave of Change

“It does not start with anyone but us and for this to happen the VOICE needs to be attuned to HIGH. This is not only for us but the future generation of young people to listen to them, hear them and decipher their voice. Female refugees struggle to have their voice heard for the changes they need for their communities and families. The Female Wave of Change should lift the voices of those marginalised.”

We welcome Alice as our Specialist Wavemaker! (speech 20 minutes into the video)


Bisila Bikoko appointed Global Female Wave of Change Ambassador

Bisila Bokoko

Female wave of Change is very excited to announce that Bisila Bokoko has accepted the role of Global Ambassador. Given her international roots, her businesses, her non-profit projects and network all over the globe, it was the only good choice we could make to offer her the Global Ambassador role. From the first meeting on Bisila embraced the Female Wave of Change vision and is already connecting with women worldwide to create waves!

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Advisor, Show-host, Founder

From hosting at the UN in Switzerland to delivering powerful keynotes in Dominican Republic, and on-air radio hosting in South Africa, Bisila Bokoko has shared her business expertise and inspirational journey with audiences across the world during her 18-year career.

Top 10 most Influential Spanish Women in American Business

She developed her expertise in geopolitics, tourism, and culture by working closely with cities in Spain and countries in Africa. By cultivating relationships with foreign Heads of State and international business leaders she became one of the ten most influential Spanish women in American business. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg TV, Black Enterprise, Harper’s Bazaar & other top publications.

Bisila Bokoko has an impressive track record of taking businesses from local to global. As the Executive Director of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce for 7 years, she worked closely with a wide range of industries and leading Spanish brands.

In 2012 she founded BBES, a New York- based business development agency that represents, promotes and markets brands internationally. Bisila also serves as an advisor to emerging leaders, providing guidance on personal branding and leadership that prepares them to move to the global stage and share their expertise worldwide.

Her African Roots

Bisila’s desire to empower those less fortunate to create a better life, inspired her to found BBALP, a non-profit organization committed to opening libraries throughout Africa with current presence in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.

She fronted the women’s scheme and actively worked to support female entrepreneurs in their efforts to launch businesses. In addition, Bokoko hosted the Pikolinos Maasai Gala at the United Nations to support the Kenyan tribe. Through the Maasai Project, over 1,600 Maasai women hand embroider leather onto Pikolinos shoes and bags enabling them to earn a stable income while preserving their cultural heritage and way of life.

Advisory Board Member United Nations EMPRETTEC Women Programs

Bisila Bokoko serves as an advisory board member of United Nations EMPRETTEC Women Programs, fostering entrepreneurship skills among women in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Bokoko earned an MBA in Business Administration and Economics in Madrid from San Pablo University, a certificate of British Law at the University of Manchester, and a M.A in International Relations from City University of New York. She graduated in October 2017 as a Naam Yoga Teacher and practices Iyengar on a regular basis.

A native of Valencia Spain, her family roots stemmed from the Bubi Tribe in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. She describes herself as a cultural hybrid,” born in Spain to African parents, becoming an American citizen and living in New York City for the last fifteen years. She is fluent in Spanish, French, and basic German.

Let’s create huge waves Bisila all over the world!


Female Wave of Change is very honored to introduce our Ambassador in Saudi Arabia Dr. Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy

Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy

Professor Molecular Genetics

Dr. Rowdy Nawwaf Al-Harithy is a professor of Molecular Genetics at King Abdulaziz University (KAU) in Saudi Arabia. She works with postgraduate students to understand the causes of diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Dr. Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy received her Bachelor’s degree from Portland State University, USA and her PhD from Sussex University, Brighton, UK. Prior to joining KAU, Prof. Al-Harithy was a Research Associate in a Molecular Genetic laboratory at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, from 1984-1995.

Women development

For the last 34 years, through Dr. Rowdy’s work in research, administrating and teaching in governmental institutes she had the opportunity to strengthen her own skills as well as support other women around her from students and young administrators to assistant professors and colleague professors.

Role model for her 3 daughters

No doubt her inspiring strength propelled from her workplace to her own home. She raised three daughters. All have fled the nest now with a clear vision, plan and dream. The older daughter, Rayya, graduated from St Andrews and Manchester University in the UK, she is now working as an anesthetist. Rowyda’s second daughter, Ruba, graduated from Duke University and is currently working as a lawyer at White and Case International Law firm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Rana, her youngest daughter, is majoring in system engineering at UNCC, USA and is expected to graduate in May 2018. Rana is planning to do her master’s degree at Northwestern University in Chicago. Rowyda is waiting for them to come home with experiences that she cannot match and victories that she is proud of.

Middle East

Dr. Rowyda Nawwaf Al-Harithy will be part of our Middle East Ambassadors Team led by Roula Eid Sawan in Lebanon. We are very excited that we have such a powerful team of women in this part of the world where women are the catalysts for change.

Create real impact

I believe that women can take the lead and change the world to a better way. I joined Female Wave of Change to support women in general and the youth in Saudi Arabia in particular. Supporting females to face the rapid changes currently happening in our social life and overcome obstacles including media critics.

Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”.

Women have to be truly confident of their strong ability to resist and ignore difficulties with love; and support each other by listening, exchanging knowledge and experiences. To see such empowerment gives me great satisfaction.”


Female Wave of Change is very excited to announce a Global Partnership with Jump Movement.

Female Wave of Change is very excited that Jump Movement, represented by founder Ineke Hurkmans, and Female Wave of Change, represented by founder and board member Ingun Bol, have agreed that a partnership will be of interest to both organizations.

In exchange to be able to reach out to a global network of women, Jump Movement has agreed that Female Wave of Change and her Ambassadors, (Specialist) Wavemakers, Board members, and women around the world will be able to use the Jump Movement method. A method to support women (and men) to take the next step in their life with this simple but very effective 7 step concept. It can be used (app or paper documents) in the communities, local events or online groups. People who are about to participate in a Jump Movement conversation will register on the Jump Movement website so Jump Movement can keep track how many people worldwide enjoy the experience.

Jump App

The Jump App is downloadable for free by all participants and is available in English or Dutch. The paper version of Jump is available in 8 different languages.


Women around the world will be given the opportunity to become a Jumpstarter; a great opportunity to add a successful tool to their business. This online program will be made available to the Female Wave of Change women for a special price.

Almost 80.000 Jumps

In the past 7 years almost 80.000 women and men worldwide have already made a Jump and took the next step towards their future.

We are sure Jump Movement is going to be part of many Female Wave of Change events around the globe in the years to come. Let’s create those waves of women using Jump to take the next step in their life!

“Female Wave of Change believes that by closing partnerships with other organizations, we will all become stronger and will be able to uplift each other in a way that is of interest to the women who are part of the FWoC Movement.”


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