Meet our ambassador Shad Begum Paktin for Pakistan

Shad Begum ambassador Pakistan

Deeply influenced by the social inequalities around her and inspired by her father’s social work in her early age, Shad Begum would become a known figure nationally and internationally. Because of her determined struggle to improve the conditions of the marginalized segments, especially women, of her community in the northwest of Pakistan – a deeply religious and conservative area where Taliban publicly executed men and women on non-conformity to their version of Islam.

Association for Behavior & Knowledge Transformation

Shad Begum is the founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Association for Behavior & Knowledge Transformation (ABKT). This is an organization working towards the economic and political empowerment of communities in underserved areas of Pakistan. Her organization is uprooted during the Taliban take-over in Swat due to massive displacement of people in 2009-2010. Her resilience kept ABKT alive during enormous odds.

International Woman of Courage Award

Shad Begum previously worked with the UN Human Settlements Program as a consultant for the “Building Gender Ladder Project,” as well as with UNDP’s Women Political Participation Program.

To encourage women at the grassroots level, Shad Begum contested local elections in 2001 as an independent candidate and served as councilor for five years in Dir Lower.

Shad Begum is Ashoka fellow, Reagan-Fascell Democracy Fellow at National Endowment for Democracy and Acumen Fellow. Shad is also the recipient of numerous awards. This includes the U.S. Department of State’s “International Woman of Courage Award” (2012) and the “Prize for Creativity in Rural Life,” awarded by the Women’s World Summit Foundation (2008).

Create real impact

“I support FWoC because I believe that women issues are global issues. Until and unless we women around the world will not come together, we cannot create a real impact on the larger scale. FWoC is playing a vital role in bringing women together around the world, to share, reflect, learn and formulate their strategies not only to continue their struggle but also to inspire every human being around the world to understand and own the women empowerment agenda. I am overwhelmed to join FWoC to work together with well-accomplished women leaders around the globe to make this world a better place to live.”


Nyaradzo Mashayamombe FWoC ambassador for Zimbabwe

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe - Zimbabwe

Female Wave of Change is excited to welcome Nyari Mashayamombe as our Ambassador in Zimbabwe.

In this very patriarchal society Nyari is very much focused in creating a safe world where girls and young women are free to dream and are empowered to become whatever they want to be. Education is very important and she commits herself to a project to have all children in Zimbabwe go to school for basic education.

Girls and Young Women’s Rights

Nyaradzo Mashayamombe is founding director of Tag a Life International Trust (TaLI), a Girls and Young Women’s Rights, Gender and Advocacy Group in Zimbabwe. She is founding member of the African Movement for Democracy and she is Board member of Community Solutions Alumni Program by US State Department. Nyari has served on various boards, currently member of local and international networks. She is a Reagan Fascell Alumni.

Nyari is a multiple award winning human rights activist, development consultant and entrepreneur. She writes articles on women’s rights, gender and development for prestigious local and international newspapers, journals and blogs.

Multi talent

Next to this all she is a singer/song writer and poet. Do watch her on YouTube.

We are really excited to create waves together and make change happen in Zimbabwe.


Female Wave of Change (FWoC) is very excited to announce a global partnership with Stand Up for Afghan Academic Women

Global Partnership Stand Up for Afghan Academic WomenIn this rapidly changing world, we need to join forces. Women can uplift each other and make sure our goals will be reached faster and in the best way possible. Building bridges between other local and international women organisations will open up a large network and expand the power of our voice. That is what Stand Up for Afghan Academic Women does.

“Alone we can go fast, together we will go further”

“Last decades of war in Afghanistan, plus the restricted rules of the Taliban regime against the women, we have created a gap of capacity building and recruitments for the female part of the society. This is the reason why nowadays even the literate females graduating from the high schools and universities, still do not have enough capacity and self-confidence to get employed by the governmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations. Therefore, the Stand Up organization was established to enhance and develop the capacity of the women for the recruitment process mostly in the fields of science, business and education. These are the requirements for the women to be employed by the mentioned organizations, in addition to promoting the legal awareness about the rights of women in the Afghan society.”

Stand Up for Afghan Academic Women

Stand Up has been founded by Manizha Paktin, professor at Balkh University and Director of RAD constructional Company and awardee of the International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC). IWEC is a global partner of Female Wave of Change. Stand up is active in many areas in Afghanistan. Manizha is the Female Wave of Change ambassador in Afghanistan.

We intend to make this a partnership where we learn from each other and support each other to uplift women worldwide, to grow the group of feminine change makers and leaders. Women who take responsibility to create their own future, the future of their families, their communities and of the world.

We are looking forward to create those waves together by connecting, building bridges, sharing knowledge and transforming change into new opportunities.


We welcome ambassador Manizha Paktin for Afghanistan

Manizha Paktin Ambassador AghanistanManizha Paktin is professor at Balkh University, engineering faculty, civil department. She is teaching management, planning and technology of construction at faculty since 2005. She is Director of Rad Constructional Company (RCC) since 2006 and she is consultant in civil engineering on construction projects; constructing private houses, hotels, clinics, bridge and schools in more then 25 provinces. She is providing drawings, designs, estimations all required technical drawings.

She is founder of organization Stand Up For Afghan Academic Women Organization (SAAWO) active in more than 15 provinces of since 2013 in Afghanistan. She is program coordinator in the northern part of Afghanistan, Afghan leader women network economic development and Rising Afghan Women Leaders Initiative program (RAWLI).

She has a masters degree in management, planning and construction.

She has a M.T.S. in construction management and planning. Now she is studying her PhD in Civil Engineering.

Manizha Paktin will be attending the 10th Annual IWEC Conference, held on Nov. 12-14th in Redmond, Washington, to accept her award first time from Afghanistan.

Why Female Wave of Change?

Manizha Paktin: “The solidarity of the women in the world can make the root of humanity stronger, women are creative and capable. The women’s are the core of society which generates generations. We have to help other women to get higher up and stand up too, so as a whole we benefit. Gone are the days where you fight to the top, bashing all other competition out of the way.”

Feminine strength and leadership, I find fascinating

Taking the lead as a woman in a mainly male environment and with different cultures. Standing strong and growing. She does it, my friend. I like it, love it and secretly I admire it.

Different worlds?

As lovers of salsa, we met at a social dance a few years ago. Dancing was our main priority, but during the breaks we loved to talk about work. She started as a team lead at a technical division of an international company, working in The Netherlands. An environment with a lot of technicians and operators. Later she was offered a promotion, going abroad and got an increase in responsibility. Being a trainer she had to improve workflow, processes and quality to align the foreign factories to the dutch and general standards. She was staying in African countries for a few months.

Challenging! Being female among men, different roles, seniority, race and culture.  She needed to use or develop new skills. Online and offline, we talked about it and I loved her stories. I also saw the beautiful panorama pictures and learned she stayed in a compound and needed a driver to go out. Adjusting yourself to another way of life. Learning your new, temporary colleagues to adopt another way of working.

Finding togetherness (everywhere)

I am in Haiti now! Staying here for work and a living”, so MJ told me this spring. My dear friend explained that she was asked to set up a new branch of her company. To build something new instead of improving an existing workforce. A next stage in her career and a lot of new stories to share. As before, in her former job, she invited me to come to visit her. I had to reject these attractive offers. I would have loved to see it with my own eyes, to hear about it personally.

Hear”, this spoken with a load of enthusiasm, “you need to know how many inspiring people I meet!” Lovely people, small and big differences in habits and working attitudes. Eye opening and mind changing. Of course I could imagine the energy she felt. Soon followed her desire. “I wished I could write like you, to share these experiences”.

Immediately I fell in love with the idea and wrote a concept, that we had to work on between working hours. Most of the preparations for sharing the stories are done and they will soon be published and supplemented.

Heart of Haiti

Taking cultural classes, learning the local language, it is the foundation of the work to be done. An unexpected advantage is social dancing. Dancing is a way of life in Haiti. And so it is for her and for me. Dancers will say, “dancing is connection”.

My friend found a dancing spot to go, after working hours. She met a teacher, owner of a dancing school. Dedicated to dancing and connecting people, organizing events to bring people together. No limits, even involving inhabitants from the Dominican Republic. Bridging a (cultural) gap. All these little stories, including the subject dancing, will be part of the main story “Heart of Haiti”.

“Open, open up… You can find inspiration, connections and chemistry everywhere.”

Connection and chemistry, it will help you to bridge differences and build something beautiful. Whether it is a new branch, warm friendships or (working) relationships. My friend and I are convinced, we have seen it. And we would love to share it. With stories from Haiti. From the heart of Haiti. From our hearts. While building, bridging and inspiring.


#FWOC2017 #EmbraceDiversity #togetherwewin #Heart2Heart #inspiration #building #bridging

We welcome Nour Moghrabi, ambassador for Jordan

Nour Moghradi - JordanNour Moghrabi is a dreamer in a region of turbulence and believer in a better future for all. Women’s and men’s participation in economic activities is crucial to the development of societies.

Dreamer & Believer

Women tend to participate less in the formal sector, making them less able to play a significant role in economic growth. She is an expert in designing and implementing programs for economic integration of women and youth. Furthermore she is trainer in gender awareness and gender responsive budgeting in the public sector and civil society. Noer Moghrabi is a professional in managing public and partners relations and communication. She is also founding member of Ana Hunna International network for Women and Work.

Why Female Wave of Change?

Nour Moghrabi: “I believe that women can and should bring positive change to a troubled world. Every day through my work and personal life I meet inspiring women who are full of creativity and passion that can turn the world around. I support FWoC because it helps bring these forward looking women together and achieve much needed change using technology-based and face to face formats.”

Expanding our activities with our Inner Circle

We grow fast and have a dozen of sustainable plans for the future we do need help of an Inner Circle that is dedicated to give structure, arrange the financial plan, helps with the website, book keeping and much more. A team that is important to set those next steps.

At the moment we have 5 people dedicated for the Inner Circle and we are very proud to introduce them to you!

Our blog expert: Martha Douwma

Martha DouwmaA clear communicator with contagious enthusiasm, which is committed to establish the connection between mission, people and resources within the Female Wave of Change. She writes a blog at least twice a month for the website. Articles that relate to the Female Wave of Change and the news happening around us in the world.

Monique Veenker for Accounting

Monique VeenkerExperienced Controller with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. Skilled in Corporate Social Responsibility, Operations Management, Government, Interim Management, and Public Policy. Strong accounting professional. Our lady in Finance who is busy in the background to help us with book keeping as we are required by law as a NGO.

Mieke van der Steeg our VA

Mieke van der SteegExperienced Personal Assistant with a demonstrated broad working experience. Skills are in Management Support, Microsoft Excel, Travel Planning, Microsoft Word, and Stressful Situations.
Exactly the skills we can use to support the Board!

Karin van de Berg for the website

Karin van den bergKarin is an experienced entrepreneur and networker with proven track record for marketing and sales within a global brand. Under her direction she is a specialist in implementing marketing strategies. Besides the traditional marketing, she knows how to integrate online marketing with social media.

FWoC Academy Reina Hekman

Reina HekmanA lady with her own business Charisma & Public speaking. A successful entrepreneur for over ten years. Her help and creativity is more than welcome with the start-up of our FWoC Academy.


Soon to come:

  • An extra VA.
  • A cybersecurity expert.

A new online tool to connect, share and grow our foundation!

If you want to join and help us with a solid back office and solid foundation, please feel free to contact us.

A warm welcome to Hala Abou Saad, ambassador for Qatar

Hala Abou Saad - QatarHala Abou Saad is born on 28th September 1981 in Al Khobar KSA before her parents relocated back to Lebanon. When she got married in 2005 she moved with her husband to Dubai for two years and then to Qatar until date.

Hala earned a B.A. in Education from the Lebanese University. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Qatar University. She is willing to pursue a PhD in Education.


Despite being career-oriented, she always likes to present herself as a mum for three children (Julia, Eva and Jude). She considers family is everything and a mum is a lifelong dedicated cool job. Nonetheless being passionate about preparing the youth generation to face rapid life demands, she is a Senior Parent Program Specialist. She is also a certified trainer for Media Literacy and Information Program that enables young generation to be media critics.

She is an experienced freelance TV anchor, journalist and a producer for 10 years between Beirut, Dubai and Qatar.  In memory of her niece Angela (18 years) who passed away in a tragic car accident in May 2015, Hala wrote a multilingual series of children’s stories inspired by Angela’s character.

She is passionate about women rights and the obstacles that come in the way. Hala has attended and volunteered in plenty of conferences related to business women and women organizations in Qatar.

Why Female Wave of Change?

Hala Abou Saad fully and heartily supports Female Wave of Change because she believes that women can take the lead and run their world in a better way with effective contributions earning the society appreciation and respect.


Female Wave of Change welcomes Chada Kassab, ambassador for Lebanon

Chada Kassab ambassador LebanonChada Kassab is born on 16th of September 1971 in El Mina in north Lebanon. Chada is married and has 3 children (Salem, Reem, Jana).

She graduated with a diploma of Insurance Studies at St Joseph University. After finishing her study she started an insurance brokerage firm in Tripoli north area.


Lot of seminars Chada attends concerning several topics: women rights, empowerment citizenship, time management, conflict resolution. Being a trainee a lot of different topics concerning law electoral and how to run for elections till recently she has graduated from AUB accomplishing course about Leadership skills.

She is an active member in different associations in Tripoli. The Vectors Lions Club, MEPI LAA, ACT (Active community for tomorrow), LLWB (Lebanese League for Women in Business) Moubadarat Tarablos Madinaty. Chada is also a member of Women in Front ladies, an organization that trains women to run for elections in the Parliament.

Better tomorrow

Continuous work creates a challenge for a better tomorrow.

An interesting window she recently discovered that opens a lot of opportunities for the development of the Lebanese Women within Female Wave of Change. She is convinced that the change is needed to diversify the business in order to be more developed so can delegation took place to reach success.

I fully support FWOC because I do believe that women together are stronger especially when they have their own business and well connected to do the change needed in their society.



Lisette Heijboer joins Female Wave of Change as Specialist Wavemaker Voice of Media

Lisette Heijboer is 53 years old. She was married with Ad until he passed away when she was 46 years old. She loves spending time with her dog Wolf, she calls this “quality time”.

From work to passion

For many years, she worked in the financial world. Connecting the financial dots and an eye for detail combined with organising talent. During her husband’s illness, she realised she wasn’t living her passion.

Connecting with other people made her feel happy & gave her a feeling of fulfilment. She became a health coach helping others 1on1. Still feeling restless she decided to jump into a new adventure: communication/speakers coaching. She met Ingun Bol through Nienke van Bezooijen. Connecting other women through the FWoC as the ‘Voice of Media’. She uses her kaleidoscope view to inspire & trigger you to be the best version of yourself.

Voice of Media

Lisette is stepping up to the next level in her career by becoming an international Speaker-coach and trainer in the field of TEDxStyleFBLive. To give businesses access to an effective social media style that inspires and connect. The feminine way.



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