Female Wave of Change (FWoC) is very excited to announce a global partnership with Stand Up for Afghan Academic Women

Global Partnership Stand Up for Afghan Academic WomenIn this rapidly changing world, we need to join forces. Women can uplift each other and make sure our goals will be reached faster and in the best way possible. Building bridges between other local and international women organisations will open up a large network and expand the power of our voice. That is what Stand Up for Afghan Academic Women does.

“Alone we can go fast, together we will go further”

“Last decades of war in Afghanistan, plus the restricted rules of the Taliban regime against the women, we have created a gap of capacity building and recruitments for the female part of the society. This is the reason why nowadays even the literate females graduating from the high schools and universities, still do not have enough capacity and self-confidence to get employed by the governmental, non-governmental and civil society organizations. Therefore, the Stand Up organization was established to enhance and develop the capacity of the women for the recruitment process mostly in the fields of science, business and education. These are the requirements for the women to be employed by the mentioned organizations, in addition to promoting the legal awareness about the rights of women in the Afghan society.”

Stand Up for Afghan Academic Women

Stand Up has been founded by Manizha Paktin, professor at Balkh University and Director of RAD constructional Company and awardee of the International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC). IWEC is a global partner of Female Wave of Change. Stand up is active in many areas in Afghanistan. Manizha is the Female Wave of Change ambassador in Afghanistan.

We intend to make this a partnership where we learn from each other and support each other to uplift women worldwide, to grow the group of feminine change makers and leaders. Women who take responsibility to create their own future, the future of their families, their communities and of the world.

We are looking forward to create those waves together by connecting, building bridges, sharing knowledge and transforming change into new opportunities.